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At the heart of thinkLuke is the desire to create websites that generate sales and maximise the return you generate from your online marketing.

Sunshine Coast Website Designer Luke Van Lathum

Website Design Sunshine Coast

thinkLuke is the specialist when it comes to Sunshine Coast website design and development, living for over 6 years on the Coast thinkLuke loves helping local businesses get superior website designs that return results.

Website design services are in high demand these days & there are a heap of web design companies springing up everywhere. With so many companies, both small and large creating website designs for businesses it becomes difficult to find the right business that provides outstanding web design on the Sunshine Coast.

A professional freelance website designer like, thinkLuke, equipped with a qualified web design skill set and over 6 years of experience, can build a high quality website and increase your branding position within the market.

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Responsive web design that works on tablets and mobile phones

Responsive website design is the practise of designing and developing websites so they work on any device - including mobile phones, tablets and televisions. Responsive websites respond to the size of screen the website is viewed on, it is highly recommened if you require a website design for your Sunshine Coast buiness to invest in a responsive website design. Responsive sites increase the longevity of your website, traffic and your conversion rates as thinkLuke practises a mobile design first approach. Which means the mobile version of the website is designed first, eliminating unnecessary content and focusing on what is most important.

Search Engine Optimisation to help genereate more traffic for you

Along with a fantastic website design, it is highly recommended to investigate the powers of Search Engine Optimisation or as its called 'SEO'. SEO is the practise of optimising your website for particular keywords so customer's can find you online. SEO is often the difference between making your money back from your website or not. thinkLuke envisions your Sunshine Coast website to the center of your marketing efforts, all traffic should eventually make it online, whether via mobile, tablet or desktop. One of the most strategic practisses to increase ROI is local SEO or geographic based search optimisation, this is where we target your keywords for your location such as Sunshine Coast or Brisbane. Luke looks forward to crafting your Sunshine Coast Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Custom designed website for a professional business

thinkLuke's speciality and purpose, to design beautiful websites that load fast, look good, convert traffic into customers and help your business grow. thinkLuke has been designing and developing websites for over 6 years and has designed websites for many Sunshine Coast businesses large and small. Luke has been providing website design on the Sunshine Coast since 2007, so take the lead online with our superior website design services.

Manage your own website with wordpress as your CMS

A CMS is a Content Management System, it is standard for every client to be able to edit and update their own website. Luke specifically designs and develops every website based on the customers requirements, a CMS is also highly recommended and for over 5 years not 1 website has been developed without one. Whether the CMS platform be Wordpress or Adobe business catalyst, thinkLuke can customise your website to achieve any goal, function in anyway and still be updatable. Every website designed by thinkLuke is custom designed and developed so our Sunshine Coast clients can update any part of the website they requested in the initial functionality request.

Responsive Website Design Sunshine Coast

Now’s the best time to get your website online if your a Sunshine Coast Business.


registered businesses and a population of over 260,000

With over 30,000 business operating on the Sunshine Coast now is a perfect time to get your website online, whether it is a B2B website or a eCommerce website, your chances of succeding are at their best with thinkLuke.

$13.8 billion

Gross Regional Product for 2010-2011 and constantly growing

Everyone wants to live on the Sunshine Coast with a population of 260,000 and a great tourism turnover a website can really add to your annual profit margin, so you can get a large slice of the Sunshine Coast.


to Brisbane one of Australia’a major capital cities

With a short travel distance to Brisbane the Sunshine Coast is the perfect location to start a business, with access to large city services and a massive influx of weekenders from business we can market your website online to keep city customers connected with your business.

Over 50%

of Australian’s shop online as of 4 June 2013

The latest statistics from the Government Retail Market Sector research shows over 50% of Australian's are now shopping online, if you currently live on the Sunshine Coast an ecommerce business could be the next big thing. With thinkLuke's ecommerce knowledge a website can be setup to handle hundreds of orders per day with Australia Post shipping calculator, payment gateways and all the features you need to run a successful online store.

Go to guys for Website Design

With over 6 years experience in website design and development, Luke has become respected on the Sunshine Coast as a reputable designed and developer.

thinkLuke understands that for a small businesses, a website can act as a powerful marketing tool to connect with you target audience, increase customer inquiries and expand your business. Without a clear vision and direction, it is difficult to build a website that is effective. thinkLuke can help you get compile the necessary elements to be successful online, our Sunshine Coast web design services assist you in planning a definite strategy to achieve your online success.

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I am happy to recommend thinkLuke website design both in functionality and extra visual impact (Wow factor). Your website design helped our business convey its services and capabilities which helped us win Best Sunshine Coast Large Environmental Business and many other awards.
- Lauren, Hahn Environmental Services

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With a love for beautiful logo design, thinkLuke works hard to provide the best possible logo design's for his Sunshine Coast customers. With an impressive creative flair, hard working attitude and constant idea's the thinkLuke team work closely with Sunshine Coast based Logo design clients, insuring your logo and branding package stands out from your competitors.

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thinkLuke is one of the Sunshine Coast's leading Website Design Companies, with reliable customer service and expert knowledge. Each year thinkLuke re-educates to ensure our online marketing and website design knowledge is up-to-date, we live on the bleeding edge of beautiful website design. For professional Sunshine Coast web design services, thinkLuke is the number one choice.

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