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thinkLuke strategies for organic Search Engine Optimisation will increase your website's performance with lasting results.

Search Engine Optimisation

Keywords, Google Rankings

Create an online presence, get traffic and enchance your online performace with our Search Engine Optimisation solutions.

Getting results online is the essence of having a website and making the process worthwhile. At thinkLuke, SEO is about increasing your website traffic organically, which means creating, growing and sustaining your online performance.

We research your business including competitor analysis and customer characteristics to create a Search Engine Optimisation strategy that will get your website traffic that is targeted with a higher chance of conversion.

Our focus on organic search traffic ensures longevity and growth for your online business, along with our analytical tools we can measure the increases in performance and justify your investment whether its geographical targeted SEO for local regions like the Sunshine Coast or more vast we can deliver.

Search Engine Optimisation Sunshine Coast
Social Media Design Sunshine Coast

Social Media Optimisation

Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

Creating quality connections online and build stronger brands that connect with customers on a personal level.

Its cool to have a Twitter feed and Facebook "like us" button on your website these days, but its how you engage with your customer via these social media platforms that makes the difference. thinkLuke can integrate a social media strategy into your SEO or website as a standalone marketing solution.

Whether its running contests, sponsored stories or finding your target audience thinkLuke has the ability to help you find fans and engage them.

Online Marketing

Adwords, banners & paid advertisements

Using specialised online tools thinkLuke can formulate the best strategy for your online marketing budget. Over the past 6 years thinkLuke has developed a strong understanding of user behaviour and with a skillset to identify target audience thinkLuke uses a multi-channel approach to can deliver online marketing campaigns to the right people, at the right time and location.

thinkLuke uses online tools to research and provide you with the estimated cost and potential reach of each campaign while providing suggestions to maximise your goals. Once a campaign is launched all goals and results are tracked to ensure we know if the campaign is achieving the desired results.

thinkLuke's online advertising skillset includes, Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords. Research tools include Google Keyword Planner, Google Anaylics, Trends, MOZ, heat tracking and more.

Online Marketing Sunshine Coast
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