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Logo Design

A brand comes alive when it’s applied, thinkLuke is a logo design specialist who can make your brand come alive, servicing the Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton and Nation wide.


logo design

Strong logo designs have a rich, meaningful and clear identity that acts as a strong signal of a professional business.

Your logo is the physical representation of your business, showcasing your brand as the enticing element in identifying to the consumer, who you are and what you do. A logo can provide instant brand recognition and intrigue to invite or encourage customers to use or purchase your product/services.

thinkLuke has the experience and ability to deliver a successful logo design for your brand, providing an attractive and practical design to compliment your business, whilst distinguishing you from your competition. We are considered the leaders in logo design Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton and Nation wide. thinkLuke can then further develop your brand into a communication package and corporate identity to drive home your professional edge.

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Brand Strategy

Every great brand tells a story about the soul of an organisation

Every great brand tells a story about the soul of an organisation, we have learnt the importance of this through experience and passion.

From the beginning thinkLuke can realise your brand's story and create a meaningful and enduring corporate image that represents your business perfectly. We use a strategy that has a simple human truth, a core idea that is clear and simple - we can organise a road map to move forward from your logo design.

We dig deep into your businesses values and ideals to create engaging, immersive logo designs, identity, brand elements and powerful imagery to be applied to all media.

Graphic Design

Business Cards, Brochures, Booklets etc.

Every interaction a customer has with your brand is a brand-building exercise and will linger in the minds of your customers.

From when you hand your business card over, to your website and online presence, every time your customer comes into contact with your brand - whether it's print or digital - they are experiencing your company. thinkLuke considers every communication point a business has with it's customers, ensuring your message is consistent and your core brand idea resonates through all your marketing material.

The thinkLuke approach ensures your brand is built on strong foundations reflective your businesses values and goals. We apply creativity to graphic design and digital media, giving your brand a social heartbeat while fitting into the 21st century media landscape.

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