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Website Design

Credibility and quality could be the most important element for your website to be successful. thinkLuke is a website design specialist, with a focus on results.

Website Design

beautiful, responsive web design

Your viewers' experience of your website will determine whether they become customers or clients. thinkLuke recognises how critical it is to design a functional website that provides a positive and integrated brand experience.

With uncertainty still looming on the Internet, credibility and quality could be the most important element for your website to overcome adversity. Therefore thinkLuke concentrates on what’s important when designing your website and aligns your goals and objectives with creative talent, to achieve a visually appealing and easy to navigate website.

With increasing access to online media via tablets and mobile devices it is important your website is compatible on smaller screens. thinkLuke can develop mobile websites and responsive websites to be compatible with tablets and mobiles.

Website Design Sunshine Coast
Website Development Sunshine Coast

Website Development

XHTML, CSS, jQuery

Digital technologies are essential to creating a successful website.

Behind your screen lies a plethora of technical code jumbled together to provide an aesthetically pleasing design on your screen, to be emitted to the masses. The sophisticated and functional code language is what can make each website experience stand out from the rest.

Thinkluke incorporates the latest technologies and elements to your website to ensure your site does what you want when you need it to.

Content Management Systems

Edit your own website

A CMS or Content Management System is the user friendly system designed to enable people with no programming experience to control and edit the content of their website, including; text, images, videos and more. A CMS is an essential component to maintaining your online business efficiently and effectively.

Thinkluke provides the tools for you to control your website, by updating and contributing new content at your own convenience, with an easy to use system, saving you time while giving you the controls of your business.

Website Development Sunshine Coast
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