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We build brands online from startups to big business, we develop a strategy to make online work for you.

Passion, knowledge, experience & the desire for the next project to the best, it what makes thinkLuke different.
What is the difference?

Simple, I am so passionate about what I do I continually strive to make my next project the best yet.

While constantly trying to carve a name for myself, I can be a bit selfish, I want to push the boundaries in design, technology and achieve amazing search engine optimisation results - so I can brag about how good I did.

More importantly I like connecting people with technology, I want to make things that people use and I want to be apart of something bigger than myself and that is always my next clients project.

the thinkLuke website difference

Firstly, lets be friends.

The most important part of a successful logo design, website, SEO or simple update is a good relationship.

Clients hire me because I'm good at what I love doing. I like to work autonomously, thinking for myself after some long coversations with you I take your vision, a brief sheet and inspiration to plan, design, develop and optimise any website project.

A successful website involves more than some examples and photoshop skills - a good client / freelancer relationship is important to keep communication channels open. I offer my advice from almost 8 years experience in design, development, SEO, user behaviour and design theory, its important to align your vision with my experience and knowledge.

the thinkLuke website difference
the thinkLuke website difference

Build a beautiful, consistant brand. Lets give your business a personality.

A logo design is the face of your business, it represents you business online and offline, therefore it is one of the most important parts of your business success.

To be clear logo's and brand's are two different entities - while logos are simply the stylised symbol a brand is the overall look, feel (aestheitcs) of your business. I'm experienced in both disiplines with the ability to craft a fully integrated brand for your start up business or redesign corporate identities for large corps.

Lets plan a content strategy to engage your future audience, and start building brand loyalty.

"Content is king", meaning a successful website will be designed with your content and not around it.

Website content is the single most important aspect of a successful website, it is the reason someone is visiting your website in the first place. While I love website design, an experience designer / developer remembers the content is more important than design.

How can I help with your website content? I have the online network with the ability to produce all types of content, article to copy writing, photography to videography.

Website content creation
The importance of website design

Now design a website based on your branding strategy, content and optimised to meet your goals.

A website design has less than 2 seconds to convey a message to a viewer, I can design a website optimised for conversion or based on whatever needs you require.

From Photographers, Engineering Firms, Online Businesses to Coffee Roasters I've designed many websites for all kinds of budgets. A website that communicates your message is important, but ensuring a great user interface for every device is the #1 priority for me. I specialize in embracing the Web’s ubiquity with user-friendly interfaces – which will deliver your message loud and clear to your desired target group.

We’ll develop your website into a Content Management System, that best suits you and your business.

If you want to manage your own website's content then a Content Management System (CMS) is for you. Based on your project brief I have the ability to choose from several CMS platforms that will best suit your requirements.

Highly customised website require a more complex system while simplier websites can be built on a simplier system - enabling you to expand your online business later on.

Website development - HTML, CSS, jQUERY

I have experience developing websites into several different CMS platforms including:

  • Wordpress
  • Magneto
  • Business Catalyst
  • Drupal and;
  • Square Space

I always choose the best techology based on my clients current situation and future ideas.

The website will be responsive, of course!

It's a given that any website thinkLuke designs and develops will be mobile responsive, unless specifically requested. Mobile phones, tablets, desktops, TVs, cars, fridges — the world has changed from wired devices to the wireless ones. Mobile is the new black and you need to react to it.

Responsive website design
Search Engine Optimisation

Then we’ll SEO the s#!t out of your website, from speed optimisation to content optimisation.

To rank well in Google search engine many 'boxes' need to be checked. Not only can I develop meaningful keyword optimised content I can optimise your website from the foundations - giving your the best chances to rank high.

A good website should adapt the changes of Google search alogorithm and fundamentally have a solid foundation, such a well planned Information Archeticture, Content Hiearchy and appropriate link structure. Along with site structure a website should be delivered to the viwer fast and enable them to navigate quickly. With years of experience I can help your website achieve more traffic online.

Don’t forget the social media, facebook, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, Tripadvisor.. we’ll help you make sense of it all.

Social Media platforms are ever evolving, for website owners they provide a awesome network to connect with customers for feedback, building brand loyalty and more.

Together we can evaluate your target audience and choose the best Social Media technologies to promote and grow your viewership.

Social Media Design and Setup

We’ll arm you with the tools to manage your own website. Its easy!

Content Management Systems are designed for web agencies to give content power to their clients enabling them to manage their own content.

Don't know how to resize images? Are you offering new promotions weekly? Managing your own content can save website owners $100's to $10,000's in website updates per year. From the project planning stage I can make sure your website developed so you can manage content yourself.

Further to this in all my CMS projects, 1 hour of CMS training is provided, seriously it only takes 1 hour to learn.

Content Management Training
Website goes live!

Launch time! Your website goes live, running perfectly ready to collect valuable traffic data.

By this stage your website has gone through vigourous testing ensuring it works correctly on PCs, Macs and even library computers.

Launching a website is great, I go through a 20 point checklist before going live to ensure working runs smoothly during the transition. It is imperative your new website is perfect upon launch, perfect in design, development and SEO optimisation.

Most website projects take anywhere from 2 - 12 weeks to complete, however some large projects span over 12 months.

Its not over. Lets stay friends.

Once your live its good to stay friends, I'll monitor your website's SEO and send weekly SEO reports. Any updates, maintenance or improvements its good to know a guy.

What are you waiting for? Lets get your project rocking!

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