Innovative boat builders, Enlightened Boating makes Cartoppers, renders and sports fishing boats.

Enlightened Boating


Enlightened Boating makes innovative light weight cartoppers, tender boats and sports fishing boats. There construction process is innovative and high tech. Their boats are cutting edge, so they needed a website to match their amazing boats, so that is what I delivered.

The website conversion rate after 2 weeks of launch is at 8%, thats well above the industry standard of 1-3%. Their organic google rankings have increased by 400% in 2 weeks. Enlightened Boating in on the first page of google for Cartopper boats and several other targeted keywords. The website’s search visibility has already out performed their major competitors. With an on going SEO strategy, they will rank for tender boats, sports fishing boats and more.

The website was built in wordpress, full custom solution with a fancy build your boat section that calculates the total weight of your packaged boat. It’s pretty damn awesome.

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